Visitors FAQ

The Krewe de Chew prides itself on being the friendliest site on the tailgating campus. If you'd like to visit us (and we really hope you do!) you can find our location on the Tailgating Map section in the sidebar, and here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions:* I am a visiting fan, and I saw an invitation to your tailgating site on our message board. Can I really come by and hang out with you guys, or is this just a ploy to antagonize visiting fans?ANSWER: The invitation extended is absolutely genuine! We want you to come by so we can show you what real sportmanship is all about, feed you some great Cajun food, and expose you to the unique joie de vivre of Acadiana. It's a once in a lifetime experience, and we have a feeling that once you've been here, you'll spend the rest of the season wishing you could come back! Our only rule is that you stick around long enough to do "Da Roosta!"* What the heck is "Da Roosta"?ANSWER: The origins of this tradition are lost in Krewe lore, but our signature song is "You Can't Rooster Like You Used To" by Zydeco Joe Mouton. Each time the song is played, our rooster bell chimes out and all the "roosters, hens, and chicks" must hit the dance floor and make like a ROOSTA! We've had everyone from visiting fans to Ragin' Cajun coaches kicking it with us. Don't be afraid! It's almost a transcendental experience, and we guarantee you'll love it! Check the When Can I See/ Do "Da Roosta!"? page in the sidebar for times.You can check out our members and visitors doing "Da Roosta!" on the Videos page. Are you up for it? OF COURSE, you are!

* I want to come and visit, but I feel like I should bring something. What can I provide?

ANSWER: While the Krewe provides the food, we ask that you BYOB. We have some unleaded beverages available, but these run out quickly. We do not provide beverages of the leaded variety. It's also best if you tote along your own ice chest.

* What I meant was, can I provide some food?

ANSWER: Of course! We'd love it if you brought something to share. Although our Krewe members are dedicated to providing only "made from scratch" items, we understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to do so. Store bought items from our visitors are perfectly acceptable. If you'd like to bring something you made yourself, that would be even better!

* I'm a visiting fan, and I plan to drop by. I want to bring a dish that represents my culture and area. Is that okay?

ANSWER: There is nothing the Krewe loves more than eating! You can bring your cheese curds or haggis or whatever it may be, and we'll be delighted to dig in.

* I heard Cajun Field is one of only a few college football venues in the nation that serves beer. Is this true, or is it a cruel hoax?

ANSWER: It's true! The 2009 season was the first year that Cajun Field had beer sales in the stadium. It gets hot here, and the chosen beverage is usually a cold beer, especially at a sporting event. There are rules: 1) you must have a wrist band to purchase, 2) you may only purchase two beers at a time, and 3) beer sales stop prior to the fourth quarter. We encourage you to add to our revenue and enjoy a cold one. But as always, PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

* I had such a great time with the Krewe. How can I thank you guys?

ANSWER: Aw, shucks! Aren't you the sweetest thing! There are several ways you can thank us:

  • Come visit us again! We'd love to see you, and return visitors are the biggest compliment we can get.
  • Shoot us an email at and tell us all about your visit. We'd love to hear from you!
  • Send us your pictures and video! We're always looking to add to the Krewe archives.